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Company Name: Burlington Northern Santa Fe
First Name: Human Resources
Last Name: Director
Phone: 800-795-2673

BNSF employs 38,000 people, and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.


For more than 150 years, BNSF Railway has been quietly delivering cars, coal, clothing, games, and nearly anything else found in homes and businesses. When the predecessors to BNSF Railway first started operations, we were building a nation by shrinking America's borders. Today, our focus is on using speed, agility, and resourcefulness to help expand the global marketplace for goods and services.


Today, BNSF Railway plays a vital role for people around the world every day of the year - magazines are published on paper delivered by our trains, medicines are carried for distribution to hospitals and pharmacies, produce is shipped from farms to markets...the list is endless. All this is accomplished by a BNSF Railway team that is progressive, vital, resourceful, and approachable.


Through contemporary, world-class people, processes, and technology, BNSF Railway provides an easy, relevant choice for all types of shippers in a wide variety of locations.

Address: 2650 Lou Menk Drive
Country: United States
State/Province: Texas
City: Fort Worth
ZIP/Post Code: 76131-2830
Industry: Transportation / Freight

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