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Everyone needs a job. Jobs are how we make money so that we can live the life we want to live and do the things we want to do. But how do you pick the best job for you?

When you were a child and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you migeht have said police officer, fireman, astronaut, or superhero? How many people really follow their childhood dreams? Most people end up working jobs that pay the bills, even if they don't enjoy them.

Hot Careers imageIt may be surprising, but some jobs pay well and provide a good quality of life - the hot jobs. You may wonder what makes a job hot? A hot job can be defined as a job that is in demand and pays well. Sometimes a hot job might be a job with unreal benefits, a job that pays unexpectedly well, a job that can't be outsourced, a job that is recession proof, a job where it's easy to climb the promotional ladder, a job that gives flexibility, a job that keeps you active, a job that provides an amazing quality of life, or a job that is in the perfect location. Everyone defines a hot job differently, but what's important is that a hot job provides you with what you think is important.

The world is changing. It's a different place than it was 5, 10, or 20 years ago. The world needs more people to do new things. Hot jobs and fields definitely change with the times. Are you wondering what's hot right now?

Did You Know? Information Technology job listings are up 45% each year on some of the major job search engines like

Below is a sneak peek into some of the hottest fields...


We live in a wired world. Computers and technology have taken over. Technology has turned the world into an international marketplace and changed the way we operate. Smartphones, the Internet, online shopping, digital security, and website design are all technological inventions of the past decade. This industry is going to continue to expand as it does every year. Join the technology craze and you'll be bound for success.


The medical field is booming. With the world's population growing out of control and the baby boomers getting older, more and more people are seeking medical care. Nurses, doctors, EMTs, and anyone else with a background in medicine are able to pick from a variety of job opportunities all over the world.

Work From Home

People dream of working from home where they can manage their own flexible schedule. Writers, website designers, editors, graphic artists, virtual assistants, consultants, and many other Internet or computer based jobs are telecommuting these days. If you can get into this niche, you'll never want to go back to the office.


If you've ever wondered how things work, then this is a great job field for you. Engineers help companies develop new things and make old things run more efficiently. It's a hands-on hot job that pays extremely well and involved in every part of our environment.


People love the outdoors. Recreation is a growing niche that offers an amazing quality of life. Being outside and doing things you enjoy is the best way to spend your life. Ask any wilderness leader, raft guide, ski instructor, or bike guide and they will tell you they love their life.

Now take a look at some of the hottest jobs...


Nursing is one of the hottest jobs available. The world needs nurses to keep the healthcare world running smoothly. Nurses can work in a variety of settings all around the globe. It's a career that pays well, offers flexible hours, and is very rewarding. Working as a nurse takes training and education, but it is well worth the time invested.

Information Technology (IT)

The world thrives on information and technology. This hot job helps companies run more efficiently and effectively by accessing information, improving technology, and keeping systems up-to-date.

Before you choose one of these hot jobs, do your research. Find out what hot jobs companies are hiring for. Are those jobs available where you live? Are they the type of job that you'd enjoy and be good at? Will your hot job of choice provide you with everything you need and more?

If you want to set yourself up for success, finding a hot job in a hot field is definitely the way to go.

Did You Know? Nursing is the fastest growing career in the United States, with an average salary of $65,000 per year.

When you're ready to change your life, read the next section to get some tips on finding a cool job.


  • Companies always need people to fill positions in the hottest jobs and fields.
  • Healthcare is a field that will always need people
  • Information Technology is one of the hottest jobs.

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