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Dock Professional (Various U.S. Locations)

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Employer:  YRC Worldwide
Industry:  Transportation / Freight
Job Type:  Full Time
Career Level:  Experienced - Non-Managerial
Degree Level:  High School
Country:  United States
City:  Various Locations
Salary:  Inquire
05/24/2012 12:00 AM

The primary function of a dock professional is to efficiently sort, handle, and load goods into and unload them from over-the-road equipment, containers, city trailers and/or straight trucks in accordance with oral and written instructions and federal and state regulations. All dock professional positions are subject to applicable job bidding procedure.

Job Duties:
Note: The frequency of performance of these essential duties may vary by location.

  1. Understands and carries out instructions given orally and in writing, including those on manifests and other shipping documents, to determine the nature and amount of goods to be unloaded from or loaded onto various types of equipment.
  2. Using safe-lifting procedures, loads and unloads cargo, including heavy, bulky and/or cumbersome goods. This work is performed either assisted or unassisted and with or without mechanical aids, applying the principles of leverage and friction, as permitted by labor agreements and as may be required at customer facilities or sites and/or Company service centers or yards. The work may include such tasks as moving cartons and unpackaged goods between the dock and equipment, balancing 600-pound drums on their rims and rolling them into place, and overhead loading packaged or unpackaged goods weighing as much as 80 pounds each. On occasion, loads goods into and unloads them from customer cars, vans, pickup trucks, etc.
  3. Uses various mechanical aids, such as barrel trucks, fork lifts and associated hardware, hand trucks, pallet jacks (electric or manual), Johnson bars, rollers and any other available equipment, to move, load, arrange, rearrange and unload shipments.
  4. Uses judgment and discretion to load and secure shipments in such a way that a trailer can be operated safely over the road, including securing or resecuring cargo by blocking, bracing and cribbing, using load bars, hammers, nails, wood blocks, plywood, planks, boards and/or other goods. Ties cargo down, using chains, cables, ropes and straps and various tightening devices. Uses dunnage and padding as necessary to prevent damage.
  5. Properly and efficiently completes all necessary paperwork, including inspection reports, manifests, bills of lading, accident reports and any other report or record required by law, regulation or Company policy. Verifies the load against the shipping papers, noting in writing any overages, shortages or damage.
  6. Comprehends and complies with applicable hazardous materials handling and placarding regulations and required emergency responses to hazardous material spills or incidents. Determines the applicability of hazardous materials regulations and placarding requirements to the nature and amount of goods on a load.
  7. Communicates with supervisors in person or by way of telephone or radio to advise of moves and scaling problems with equipment, goods, etc., receive instructions on work to be performed, report delays in task performance, report all injuries and accidents, report safety hazards observed; and report any overages, shortages, damage to goods or improper loading.

Other Duties: Depending on site, dock professionals perform other duties as assigned, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sweeps or cleans up dock and equipment.
  • Communicates tactfully and diplomatically with persons with whom employee comes into contact as Company representative.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Can read, write, communicate and comprehend the English language sufficiently to perform the various tasks of the job, including, but not limited to: communicating with coworkers and the general public; understanding oral and written instructions, Company policies and governmental regulations; responding to questions and inquiries from management and government representatives; and accurately completing various shipping papers, reports and records required of the position.
  2. Can accurately and efficiently perform mathematical calculations necessary to do the work, including counting goods, weight calculation, hours of service determination, time and mileage computation, etc. Can operate scanning devices at the work site.
  3. Possesses the good judgment necessary to perform job functions, including but not limited to handling customer goods safely and efficiently and communicating tactfully and diplomatically with those persons with whom the employee will be in contact as a Company representative.
  4. Has no conviction record, indicating that the applicant cannot reasonably be expected to properly fulfill the duties of the job
  5. Has a satisfactory past work record.
  6. Is available to work on the shift available-either an 8-hour, five-day work shift or a 10-hour, four-day work shift-plus any required overtime. Overtime may exceed four hours a day and may include fifth, sixth and/or seventh day of work as needed.
  7. Has demonstrated the ability to maintain good attendance.
  8. Is able to work in adverse weather conditions without temperature or other environmental controls and subject to ambient weather conditions.
  9. Does not use any drugs or substances that would interfere with the ability to drive safely. Able to pass any Company-administered drug/alcohol test.
  10. Passes a Company-administered physical performance test.
  11. Is able to understand and implement safe, efficient freight handling and lifting procedures.
  12. Is able to enter and exit various types of equipment safely and efficiently.
  13. Is able to understand and utilize the methods, procedures and techniques for loading and securing cargo in or on a vehicle in such a way that the trailer can be operated safely over the road and to determine if the cargo being transported has been properly located, distributed and secured on or in a vehicle.
  14. Is able to work on non-forgiving surfaces such as concrete, wood and metal, and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces for the duration of his or her shift and required overtime.
  15. Is able to open and close swing-type and roll-up trailer doors as needed in the pickup and delivery of freight.
  16. Is able to operate a fork lift (where required) including the changing and use of various accessories and is able to control a two-wheel hand truck, four-wheel dock cart and other freight handling equipment.
  17. Can perform the work required in a timely manner and maintain adequate production in order to meet service schedules.



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