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Mechanic (Various U.S. Locations)

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Employer:  YRC Worldwide
Industry:  Cool Jobs
Transportation / Freight
Job Type:  Full Time
Career Level:  Experienced - Non-Managerial
Degree Level:  High School
Country:  United States
City:  Various Locations
Salary:  Inquire
05/24/2012 12:00 AM

The primary function of a mechanic is to inspect, repair and maintain, in a safe, efficient, timely, cost-effective and practical manner, the equipment the Company uses to transport and handle goods, including: single and tandem axle diesel over-the-road and city tractors; diesel and gasoline city straight trucks; electric-, propane-, gasoline- and diesel-powered industrial forklifts; over-the-road and city trailers of various makes and configurations; and converter gear of varied design. Mechanics are subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) qualifications, rules and regulations, including the Hours of Service Regulations when they drive commercial motor vehicles on public streets and highways. All mechanic positions are subject to the applicable job bidding procedure.


Job Duties: Note: The frequency of performance of these essential duties may vary by site.

  • Understands and carries out oral and written instructions and/or repair orders to determine the work that has been performed and that which still needs to be done.
  • Uses manufacturers' service manuals and bulletins and Company directives to determine equipment specifications and repair procedures.
  • Troubleshoots and performs failure analysis of component parts and systems on trucks, trailers, converter gears and forklifts.
  • Inspects various types of equipment according to the manufacturersメ specifications and Company directives by operating, viewing and listening to them in operation and by using available diagnostic equipment and techniques. Diagnoses any mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or other breakdown or failure. Searches for loose guards, nuts, bolts, clamps and other fastening devices, for fuel, lubricant and coolant leaks. Listen for air leaks, rattling parts and other sounds that may indicate problems.
  • Discusses perceived equipment problems with operator (driver) when operator is available.
  • Performs Federal Annual Commercial Motor Vehicle inspections.
  • Performs routine maintenance functions and adjustments on all types of equipment in compliance with manufacturers' and Company schedules, such as lubrication, cooling-system tests, brake adjustments and tire inflation, to keep the equipment operating safely and efficiently.
  • According to appropriate procedures, repairs or rebuilds all or part of systems of assigned equipment, including defective trucks, tractors, trailers, converter gear, forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, dock carts, dock plates, dock doors, etc., as needed and as directed. Some of the more-common repairs are repair or removal and replacement of parts, such as pistons, rods, gears, valves, and bearings; replacement of carburetors, turbo chargers, generators, distributors, starters, and fuel pumps, compressors, and injectors; rewiring or installing ignition and/or other electrical systems; alignment of front wheels and tires; brake relining and adjustment; shock absorber repair or replacement; changing or recharging batteries; repair air conditioning systems; transmission and other major component replacement; rewiring lights and instrument panel; headlight replacement and adjustment; accessory installation and repair, such as radios, heaters, mirrors and windshield wipers.
  • Moves, operates, lifts, stores and uses specialized equipment, including personal and Company hand and power tools, shop machines and welders, and measuring devices to perform inspection, adjustment, repair and maintenance work.
  • Raises vehicles, using a hydraulic jack(s) or hoist, to gain access to the underside of the unit and to aid in removing and/or replacing assemblies, such as engines, transmissions, differentials, springs, etc.
  • When applicable, uses welding equipment and skills, and the knowledge of metals to complete repairs.
  • Performs auto body repairs to fix wrecked or damaged equipment when applicable or as needed.
  • Moves, tips, rolls, installs and removes tires.
  • Wash equipment with high-pressure and/or steam-cleaning tools.
  • Applies knowledge of and works in accordance with DOT, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Interstate Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other rules and regulations.


Other Duties: Depending upon location, mechanics perform other duties as assigned, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Clean up work area (that is, sweeping, washing, scrubbing, etc.)
  2. Communicate tactfully and diplomatically with persons with whom the employee is in contact as Company representative.
  3. Help unload shipments in event of wreck; load and unload equipment parts and tires as needed.
  4. Understands and is able to implement safe and efficient material handling procedures.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Can read, write, communicate and comprehend the English language sufficiently to perform the various tasks of the job, including but not limited to communicating with coworkers and the general public; understanding oral and written instructions, highway traffic signs and signals, Company policies and governmental regulations; reading precision measuring instruments such as micrometers and dial indicators; responding to questions and inquiries from management; and accurately completing various reports and records required of the position, including vehicle maintenance records (manually or by computer entry).
  • Can accurately and efficiently perform the mathematical calculations necessary to do the work.
  • Possesses the good judgment necessary to perform the functions of the job, including operating a commercial motor vehicle in a safe and lawful manner; handling customers' goods safely and efficiently; and communicating tactfully and diplomatically with those persons with whom the employee will be in contact as a Company representative.
  • Has no conviction record indicating that the applicant cannot reasonably be expected to properly fulfill the duties of the job.
  • Has a satisfactory past work record.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to maintain good attendance.
  • Is able to work in adverse weather conditions as needed, without temperature or other environmental controls and subject to ambient weather conditions.
  • Is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle as demonstrated by a current medical examiner's certificate.
  • Does not use any drugs or substances that would interfere with the ability to drive safely. Able to pass any Company-administered drug/alcohol test.
  • Passes a Company-administered physical performance test.
  • Is able to enter and exit various types of equipment efficiently and safely.
  • Is able to gain access (e.g., by climbing over, around, under and on top of equipment) to areas of equipment where the work is performed, including the cab of a truck or tractor, area behind the cab, engine compartment, cargo space, pits, etc. in order to effect repairs or replace components.
  • Is able to work on unforgiving surfaces, such as concrete, wood and metal, and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces, as may be necessary.
  • Understands and is able to implement safe, efficient handling procedures for engine and tractor/trailer parts and tires.
  • Can perform the work required in an efficient, timely manner and maintain adequate production in order to meet service schedules.
  • Has a working knowledge of the various systems in the equipment to be maintained or repaired and where they are located.
  • Has a thorough technical knowledge of all phases of truck and trailer inspection and repair.
  • Has training and education in the mechanical aspects of various types of engines and related components.
  • Has mechanical experience in fleet repair.
  • Is familiar with and able to use micrometers, dial indicators, bore gauges, calibrators, voltmeters, digital multimeters, electronic diagnostic equipment and other measuring devices and equipment as needed.
  • Is able to understand the proper procedures for working with and being exposed to various hazardous materials common to automotive shops and the trucking industry. 22. Is capable of working independently, without constant supervision.


If driving on public streets and highways is a requirement of the position at the location employed, the following shall apply:

  • Meets all the qualification requirements of, and is not disqualified under, the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Parts 383 and 391.
  • Has one current, valid Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with requisite endorsements (Doubles/Triples, HAZMAT).1
  • Has a record of safe and competent driving (personal and commercial) as demonstrated on state Motor Vehicle Records.
  • Has knowledge of and is able to comply with the laws, regulations and procedures regarding safe commercial motor vehicle operations and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Passes a driving test on Company equipment in order to demonstrate driving skills and ability.
  • Is able to operate any type and configuration of equipment utilized by the Company. That equipment may include various types and combinations of owned, leased or rented, single or tandem axle tractors or straight trucks (of either convention or cab-over design) or yard tractors as equipped.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Federal Annual Inspection Qualified.
  • DOT Brake Inspector Certification, CFR Section 396.25(d), which can be satisfied by one of the following:


  1. Applicant has participated in a training program sponsored by a brake or vehicle manufacturer or similar training designed to train students in brake maintenance and inspection of the brake system; or
  2. Applicant has minimum 1 year experience performing brake system maintenance or inspection in a motor carrier program; or
  3. Applicant has minimum 1 year experience performing brake system maintenance or inspection in a commercial garage, fleet leasing facility, or similar operation; or
  4. Applicant has successfully completed the Air Brakes Test as part of the Commercial Drivers License Program.
  5. EPA Technician Certification, pursuant to 40 CFR Section 82.40.



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